Welcome to Arranged Delirium (est. 2002), the weblog for Dr. Samuel Fee. I’m building on 12+ years of commentary here, and all that previous content is archived for the ages; meaning I was too lazy to extract and import the earlier databases and add them into this system. Here you’ll find posts only from 2012 onward. This design is actually 5 blogs in one. I’ve created an area for each of the primary content categories that I tend to write about the most:

Education- Typically posts regarding Higher Education, the College experience, and the state of academe.

Technology- Posts here can cover virtually any topic with a technological bent. Predominantly these tend to be computing-related, but content about the web, mobile tech and digital media are all fair game.

Archaeology – This content usually addresses my work in the Southwest US, or collaborations with colleagues in Greece and Cyprus. More recently my work has surrounded the development of mobiel applications for data collection and analysis.

Photography – Announcement of shows and exhibitions, as well as examples of my work can be found here. Since I am a digital artist, this is also where you’ll find discussions of processing with Photoshop.

Personal – My mom always said my blog was boring (I know!), because I never included any personal stuff. So, I’ve added a section here that will include “Sh*t My Kids Say.” I should write a book.

Regular visitors may likely find it much easier to simply subscribe to the RSS feed in any RSS reader of their choice. Please tell me you know what an RSS feed is. You can access the feed via this link. But I’ll also just crosspost to Facebook and Twitter.