I am a transdisciplinary scholar with research interests falling within the broader realms of computing, education, digital media, art and archaeology. While technology and archaeology may seem entirely divergent, I would suggest that they possess startling similarities – particularly when you view the study of technology as the study of culture.


I am interested in understanding how computers influence our ability to understand concepts. My work includes explorations of learning, visual interpretation, interface design, and educational theory. Increasingly, my interests and professional activities in digital media along with web and mobile app development have become paramount to my academic work.

Theoretically, I'm all about the actual experience and what it brings to our ability to learn things. My considerations of educational technology focus on active learning and problem-based learning. My recent book with Brian Belland explores these very ideas, and looks toward critical theory as a relevant tool for analysis alongside our traditional social science approaches.

Currently, I am focusing my time on two grant-funded projects focused on mobile application production. In addition to the development of the software, these projects are also studying the effectiveness of data collection apps for both research and education in various scientific fields.


Although my primary fields of expertise involve computing and education, I possess a multidisciplinary background with academic preparation in history and archaeology as well. My initial fieldwork and study revolved around the Korinthia in Greece. More recently, funding and interest have driven me toward research questions regarding the ancestral puebloans of the southwest U.S. These topics include the current argumentation regarding the defensive nature of puebloan structures, and the questions regarding the massive migration from most of the Colorado Plateau during the later half of the 1200s.

Beyond my own research interests in archaeology however resides a deep commitment to making the field of archaeology accessible to non-professionals. This motivation drives much of my technology production and development work.